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Villa Rustica - Mogorjelo
Remains of a surburban roman villa from the beginning of the IV century, and also within the grounds, the remains from a I century dwelling and its outbuildings, among which it is maintained include an old bakery, a mill and a blacksmith. Within the grounds is the living proof that even back in those ancient times, the Romans knew to reap the benefits of our fertile terrain and grow the precious olive tree, with the discovery of the remains of an underground storage, where it is maintained they stored olive oil. Since then the olive tree and the vine cultivation go hand in hand as a significant part of the agricultural life in BIH.With the invasion of the Goths came the destruction of the villa and survivors of that era were unable to restore the grounds to its former splendour, but regardless whatever remains of the vila and its surrounding dwellings will steal the breath of any discerning tourist....


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