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Humac - Monastery, museum and gallery
Franciscan monastery St. Ante
When the Hercegovina Franciscans built their monastery in this part of Hercegovina, Humac, in 1867 it was not only just to be their spiritual and training center but was also to be the cultural and historical record storage center and official library. It therefore became a monastery of major local and national repute for its role in the preservation of historical documents and in 1968, they added a seperate wing to store and restore their collections of handwritten books and records and has since renovated it . The arhives are vast and of immense importance to the Franciscans and the country. With their most modernly equipped cataloguing and computer system and special storage shelves, protecting the books from dampness and sunshine, work is always ongoing.

Franciscan monastery museum St. Ante
The Franciscan Monastery has the oldest museum open to the public in Bosnia and Hercegovina (1884) with exhibits ranging from the Early Stone Age to the present day. Its is exhibited in 3 main sections-prehistoric and old stone-age, young stone-age, bronze-age and iron-age, and finally old Roman and middle-ages. It is especially reputed for its rich collection of ancient Roman antiques, with a number of them found in this area and the museum itself is a monument to Roman architecture. Among its collection is the oldest preserved monument the Humac stone plate, featuring the oldest recorded evidence of the Croatian language a (mixture of ancient glagolitic alphabet and croatian cyrillic) from this area of BIH. Included among its exhibits are several coin collections, stone monuments, sacred, historical and ethnic collections and antique monuments and a gallery. The oldest recorded exhibit is a paleolithic (old stone- age) necklace, and items from the Bronze-Copper era 3000-800 years BC

Art gallery - Mother
The art gallery boasts 250 works of art of which 140 of them are skulptures made form varying materials, and the remaining paintings and sketches. The collection features 40 skulptors, and 20 artists from Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, 2 skulptors from Slovenia, and a few artists from Congo. The whole collection assembles under the name of MOTHER , an interesting conception, to all a popular theme and an ever-ending inspiration to artists down through the ages.


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